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Today's Catch

Fishmonger of the Year 2015 3Latimer’s Seafood sells the best local, fresh fish in the Newcastle and Sunderland area. Our counter is brimming full of a huge variety of different fresh fish .

Come in and see what a good old fashioned fresh fish counter is filled with!

Our Today’s Catch page keeps you up to date with what’s JUST landed, get up to the minute alerts on today’s fresh fish by following us on Twitter.

Latimer’s is between Newcastle and Sunderland right on the North East coastline, overlooking our bountiful seas.

We are thrilled to have been awarded nationally “Fishmonger of the Year” 2015

Robert Demo


We’re not only great at selling fish but cooking it too. So feel free to ask our advice any time if you’d like to try something new or need ideas for a great mouth watering dish! If you’ve got a good recipe, or tried one of ours, please tell us all about it and we can keep building up the recipe library.

If you’re not sure how to prepare your fish – just ask, we will do it for you, or show you so can learn too!  If you aren’t keen on bones, or are buying fish for little ones, let us know too and we will double check for bones.

View our recipes

Fresh Fish Newcastle

In Season

Check out which fish is in season now and you will know which seafood is in its best condition to eat at the minute.

Our fresh fish and shellfish (apart from the exotic, warm water species) are fished locally off the North East Coast and we only buy the best from day boats.  The fish is landed fresh,  daily into harbours right down our coast  – Eyemouth, Boulmer, Blyth, North Shields (in Newcastle), Sunderland and into Whitby.  This means you can be sure that you are getting  the best, fresh, local, native, fish and shellfish around.


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