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In Season

This is a  guide to the best in season, local fresh fish and seafood from your award winning fishmongers in Tyne and Wear.

For what’s good each and every day have a look on the “Today’s Catch” page – we upload photos and information on the best of every days catch.

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Big Waves

White Fishes:

Haddock –  plump and juicy, beautiful dusted in a little flour and pan – fried.

Cod – Not just great for fish and chips, can be used in all sorts of recipes, baked, roasted, steamed, very versatile. No wonder it’s in the nations top 3!

Hake  –  Beautiful and sustainable alternative to cod, really suits Mediterranean flavors

Ling – very good value, cod family fish. We skin and bone it – it’s great for fishcakes, fish pies, stews, bouillabaisse or a chunky goujon (fish finger!)


Flat Fishes:

Lemon Sole – beautiful delicate fish.  Get us to skin and bone it for you, then roll up the fillets, pop them in a dish with some white wine, seasoning & a knob of butter, cover with foil then steam/bake in a hot oven for 10-12 mins.

Brill – Excellent grilled or pan – fried, served with butter, lemon and capers. Also the whole fish bakes beautifully in a hot oven.

Turbot – We’ve tried a Nathan Outlaw recipe for this for a dinner party starter; raw fish, thinly sliced & marinated in good olive oil, orange segments and tarragon, delicious

Dover Sole – get us to skin them, leave on the bone, dust in flour & pan fry them in butter, serve up with beurre noisette… and we will come for dinner

Halibut  – starting to see local wild halibut in the nets again – we are so lucky to have fish of this quality as not every fishing ground suits these elusive and special fish which are great for treats and special occasions, see our recipe page for more ideas (don’t forget to send your tried and tested recipes in for us to put on the website!). Its still Roberts ambition to catch one of these with a rod and line!

Plaice  makes fab goujons (fish fingers for the kids!) or steam the fillets

“En-papillote”  style of cooking is brilliant with flat fish, keeping all the flavour and moisture sealed in, get the oven moderately hot, and put whatever flavours you fancy in with the whole fish or fillet – wine, herbs, butter, oil etc, wrap in foil parcel  – a simple  and easy to clean up way of cooking!

Don’t be frightened to cook these whole and get us to do all the gutting and finning and the flesh will just fall off the bone!


Other Fishes!

Monkfish – We think this is the perfect “conversion” fish – if you are scared of fish and don’t like bones this is the one to get people to try as it is a beautiful meaty firm fish with NO BONES!!!   This is great oven roasted – wrap the fillet in pancetta and bake for 20-30 mins (depends on thickness of fish). It is also fantastic in curries, stews, soups.

Red Gurnard – pan fry the fillets, a great alternative for fish and chips.

Squid – pan fry very very quickly in a dash of good oil, then eat as is or jazz up with some Sichaun Pepper and salt flakes

 Red Mullet – beautiful fish to look at and eat! Lovely with Asian flavours – steamed or pan fry the fillets. Also delicious as ceviche / sushi

Mackerel – towards the end of the season now – so grab it while you can! Fantastic cheap, healthy fish, full of omega 3 oils.



Crabs – Brown and Velvet: Local, native and fished just off our doorstep. Great time of year for these fantastic shellfishes.  We sell crab all ways – live, cooked whole, dressed  – we hand pick and dress about a tonne a week, legs, claws, and hand picked white meat. Crab is very versatile and very good for you, put it in sandwiches, pasta, risottos,  salads, baked potatoes, on toast or just eat straight from the pot.

Lobsters – best value of the year for local lobsters, stock up for Christmas  – freeze them already cooked!

Langoustines – Local Langoustines Lovely and Local, delicious just boiled up and eaten warm but be a bit more adventurous and butterfly them (or we can!) marinade in whatever you fancy (garlic butter / sweet chilli and lemongrass etc) and grill for approx 4-5 minutes

Scallops –  Cook in a really hot pan with a dab of butter to sear them on either side for a couple of minutes (don’t over cook!).  De-Glaze the pan with a splash of wine, add cream and Bobs your uncle – tasty dinner to go with whatever you like – pasta, rice, potatoes and veggies.

Oysters – Great raw plain, with a squeeze of lemon or dash of tabasco. Also great cooked – put some breadcrumbs and butter on the top and grill for a couple of minutes – yum yum. (Remember only 2 out of 3 works…!)



Dozen oysters









Smoked Fishes

Latimers Award winning Roast Smoked Salmon Great Taste Gold Star

The salmon is soaked in secret recipe brine for 1 hour and then smoked for  36 hours & cooked – it is the best I have ever had!

We smoke our own here on the premises, using a special mix of oak and beech woods.



Latimers Smoked Haddock and Cod – beautiful, no artificial colours or dyes, just proper old-fashioned  smoked fish

Smoked Mackerel – plain, peppered, chilli or lemon and parsley


 Ready to eat for salads, parties, lunches, teas and dinners –


Prawns – tiger prawns in garlic and herbs, luxury prawns, crayfish tails, normal prawns, crevettes, langoustines – you name then we’ve got them

Mussels – Plain, Vinegar, Smoked, Spicy – all cooked and ready to go!

Crab – Whole, dressed, claws, legs

Octopus salads

Rollmops, sweet cured herring, baked herring

Anchovies – banderilles, marinaded




Olives etc!


To work out a portion per person work on 150g-200g for a main course!

Come and have a look at the best display of fresh fish and shellfish in Latimers Fishmongers, Tyne and Wear – to find out which!